Train Like a Pro

​Triathlon Camp for Half Ironman and Ironman Triathletes

Mammoth Triathlon Camp

June 24th - 26th, 2016

Thursday 6/23

3:30 - Meet up for a run to help adjust to altitude. This is an optional run.

6:00 - Happy hour and welcome.

Friday 6/24 - Mammoth Climbing Curcuit

7:30 - This 2.5 hour climbing circuit is the local favorite.  Enjoy breathtaking vistas, epic views and gentle descents as we welcome our legs to altitude.  

1:30 - Running Challenge - Ironman and half ironman triathletes will experience the ultimate test of pacing awareness as you complete this progressive pacing challenge. Both Ironman and Half Ironman athletes will run approximately 60 minutes.

6:00 -Group Dinner (optional) - Join us at the local eatery for a chance to unwind and share a few drinks as we prepare for Saturday's training.

Saturday 6/25  - Benton Crossing

7:00 - This ride has a little of everything from flats, rollers, big climbs and screaming fast descents. Not only will you train on amazing terrain, but you'll also have the opportunity to refine your ability to build intensity throughout the ride.  Of course, we'll have a challenge within this ride.

Option 1  - Half Ironman focused athletes will ride for 3-4 hours

Option 2 - Ironman athletes will ride 4.5 - 5.5 hours

​**All rides today will finish with a short transition run.

5:30 -Group Dinner (optional) - You'll want to bring your appetite for this one.  

Sunday 6/26 - Run Loop

7:30 - Learning to run on fatigued legs is the essence of triathlon performance.  Practice some of the skills you learned in the previous days on this challenging route.  

Option 1  - Half Ironman focused athletes will run for 1.5 - 2hours

Option 2 - Ironman athletes will run for 2 - 2.5 hours

3:30 - Swim at Whitmore Pool

​6:30 - Pizza and Beer - Let's finish off the weekend of focused training with some relaxation.

As a novice triathlete I felt very welcomed by the coaches and athletes. While there was a feeling of friendly competition during the specific bike and run challenges, at no time did I feel out of place, intimidated or judged. The general feeling of camaraderie and inclusion was a surprise to me and really helped to make the entire experience something I will always remember.”

Marty Connelly

" We came away with with such huge smiles and the feeling like we had spent three days playing like kids on Christmas morning! Everyday was well planned out and each activity stacked nicely on top of the next. Joby’s ability to share his expertise in each discipline makes it possible for anyone of any level to take away something for their future training and racing.”

Tracy White

This was my third camp and every year it has been fantastic. The activities, routes and challenges were awesome and most important. The people that you assemble for the camp are great and I enjoyed the challenging activities that were planned each day.”

Bill Davis

More Details

Lodging – Most of us will stay at Horizons 4 Condos. This will be the start and end point of all our rides. Horizons 4 offers a lot of different room configurations and works really well if you’d like to share with friends. There are also plenty of other lodging options close by.

**Lodging is not included in the cost of the camp.

Group Dinners – If you’d like to join in on the group dinners we have made arrangements with some of the local restaurants to provide a fixed meal cost for our group. Details about the cost (usually about $15 -18 a meal) will be available as we get closer to camp.

Fitness Level – This camp will push you to your limits. Why take all the time to head up for a casual training experience? I want you to get the most out of yourself. Each participant should plan on showing up 100% prepared to handle the challenges of the weekend.

FC Method – You'll find the FC Method infused into all of the training you'll be doing. From pre-workout talks, workout challenges, and focus principles, you'll be exposed to the the method of training that has resulted in over 77 personal bests in 2015 alone.

Modifications – Although we have planned a weekend full of epic training, we also understand that each person has unique needs.  We can modify rides and runs to suit your needs.  Just communicate with us in advance.

Mammoth Triathlon Camp


For specific triathlon camp questions, please contact Joby Gutierrez: or call (714) 803-6165